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Blog DistributorBlog Distributor is another pay to blog service that I found lately. Just like other pay per post sites, you get paid to blog. Before you go on and read the rest of this post, let me just tell you this. Blog Distributor is only for US and Canada bloggers. You must be 18 years old and your blog must be certified by Blog Distributor. I suppose until this point a lot of bloggers have been rejected right in front of the door.

If you’re able to get through the first basic rule, let’s go on and check out the blog requirement. In order to receive assignments from Blog Distributor, your blog must be indexed by Google. There must be at least 20 posts in your blog for the last 90 days. Your blog must be text based in English with proper grammar and no misspelling. Plus your blog must look professional. Which means you need to have a good quality blog in order to get pass the second round of qualification. I suppose this filter out about 50% of what’s left of the first qualification.

After getting ready to receive jobs from Blog Distributor, there are certain rules that you need to alert so that you don’t lose your certified status. First is don’t reserve new jobs if you can’t create the post in time. The rest of the rules are just the same old rules that you can find in any other pay per post sites. There is one rule that I found interesting. I never thought that I’ll see this rule in a pay per post site. That is not to place notes under the job post indicating the posting was paid or a sponsored post. This is definitely good for bloggers as this will avoid being categorized to page rank 0 by Google.

As I continue to search on the payment part, I did not find any info on what type of payment used. Instead I found a double standard on when the payment is done. Under blogging FAQs section, the site states bloggers get paid once per week. But under how it works section, it states bloggers get paid every two weeks. I suppose Blog Distributor is still new and there are lots of things need to be fine tune and correct.

Overall, Blog Distributor only concentrates on US and Canada market. Even when getting bloggers to post for their client, they seem to aim for good quality. I just wonder how many blogs are accepted into their network.



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10 Responses to “Get Paid to Blog at Blog Distributor”

  1. aterhea says:

    i will try this and see if it’s really giving extra income.thanks

  2. Vicky says:

    Someone from Blog Distributor contacted ME to sign up with them. I asked them a few questions, googled them, read this post and then did so. Today i have recieved an email telling me that they do not accept WordPress blogs as WordPress does not allow paid postings. Now, someone FROM their company wrote to me and asked ME to join THEM, knowing that WordPress blogs would get rejected? I had to put in my contact phone number and my home address in order to register. Reeks of data capture scam to me, I am HIGHLY ticked off.

  3. Kumo says:

    First of all there are a lot of restriction on using They might shut down your blog if you violate their terms and condition. I would suggest to get your own domain and hosting company before signing up for any pay to post sites. Secondly, please be careful on any email send to you offering any opportunities. Most of them might just be scam. It’s better to go directly to the site and sign up for an account.

  4. There are many article/blog submission sites these days but do we actually understand how it really works? Do we know how to properly use it to drive traffic to our blogs? I have tried using an article submission site and it really works. When I tried searching for my blogs in Google, my blogs are in the top 10.

    These distribution sites have rules that you have to follow though. SO you have to make sure that you only submit blogs that are of good quality.

  5. Mike Riley says:

    I just signed up with these guys and am hoping they get back to me soon. Thanks for the varied feedback everyone.

  6. Mac says:

    I am also working for blogdistributor. Of course, i didn’t get any payment from them till yet! Hope they will pay this month.

  7. Dean Saliba says:

    Blog Distributor is now apparently open to any blog around the world that is in English. I’m suspecting they have done this to help scam even more innocent bloggers.

    I submitted a task (job) which was approved in July 2011 and I’m STILL waiting for them to pay me, they just simply push the pay date back each month.

    I thought it might have been an oversight so I completed some more Last month and still the pay date was pushed back.

    I have emailed them at least 12 times and have never received a reply.

    Not a very good company indeed.

  8. Dean Saliba says:

    Just a quick update for your readers, I eventually received a reply from Blog Distributor after I publicly slammed them on the Facebook fan page of one of their partners, they told me I need to earn $100 to get paid.

    I have now racked up $140 and have been waiting since August for payment, again they have repeatedly pushed back the payment date (it is now pushed back to DECEMBER) and have gone back to ignoring my emails.

    I strongly urge EVERYONE not to bother with this company, there are others like SponsoredReviews that are much more reliable.

  9. Jen says:

    They are a scam they owe me money and nowhere on their website does it say you have to earn $100 to get paid it say you have to wait a month its been 2 now and still no money and no answer to phone calls and emails.

  10. karen says:

    Hi, I too have fallen into this scam, which is a real bugger as they now supposedly owe me over $140. In an effort to get a response out of them I have blogged about them in my ‘paid postings’ hopefully that will get their attention! Nothing else has so far! So sorry to hear that others are having similar experiences 🙁