Get Paid Sharing Music with Grooveshark

groovesharkI’m sure that many of you listen to songs online. Itune, windows media player and Imeem are some of the sites and features that you can share, download and purchase music online. Those of you that own an ipod are basically get used to download music online. Well, great news for you guys. Grooveshark is a site that enables you to do all that and gives you an opportunities to earn some money. All you need to do is just share your music or playlist to your friends or other people. Whenever somebody purchases a song or music through your playlist then you’ll earn credits towards free songs or money. Besides that the more you contribute to Grooveshark community, the more benefits and rewards you’ll get. Activities for examples making friends, tagging song, rating song, commenting, building playlist and of cause purchasing songs can earn you credits. You may even publish and sell your own songs. All songs are copyright and protected using DRM (Digital Rights Management). Grooveshark is licensed for the rights to fully stream all songs under ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. You don’t have to worry about copyright issue as everything done here is legal.

The only thing that I don’t like about Grooveshark is that it’s a P2P network. You need to download sharkbye and install it so that you’re able to share your songs with others. I just feel unsecured sharing things from my own PC. It’s said to be safe and secure but I’ll let you judged on that.

Payments are basically done using credit cards, PayPal and checking account. I’m not sure how much you can earn through this but if you’re actively listening to MP3 songs and purchasing songs online, then you might save some money using this site. If you’re actively involved and do a great promoting job then you might just earn some money with it.



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  1. Andrew Wise says:

    thanks for the review — check out our latest release:

  2. bhavneet says:

    this is very nice site i can give indian movie would i be get cash or money for it

  3. RR Enriquez says:

    another way to make money online. Thanks!

  4. Kumo says:

    A lot of sites are implementing rebates or money earning features for the things that we normally do. It’s not a surprise to see if one site is giving out money for users that are using their email services. I’ll be searching more sites like these. Just keep tracking.

  5. Really? That is great! Sharing music and earning money? That’s really easy. Can’t wait to try it. It is the same as blogging… The only difference is the content… But more or less parallel.