Get Paid Selling Articles at Constant Content

constant contentSelling your articles in Constant Content is another way for you to earn some extra money without having your own blog. It might be a bit difficult to become an author in Constant Content, as there are lots of rules that you need to follow. But then once you get used to it, it won’t be a problem at all. It is a good thing for setting those rules because makes it easy for customers to go through it and find the articles they want. When you check out the site, you can find that there are several types of articles that you can purchase. Meaning that you can sell the articles with or without full rights. If you have nothing in your mind to write about, you can even check out the requested content section and respond to customers request. This is what I like about Constant Content. You can choose to sell your own work or sell your writing ability according to customers request. That means you can become a freelancer too at . Just like a freelancer, you have to specify the price for your work. You can even set your price to zero to give out your articles for free.

The payment part is more a less the same as other sites. PayPal will be needed in this site and the minimum payment is $50. Payment will be done once per month.



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  1. denna says:

    hi..i hope this work. i can’t seem to post comment from wordpress ot blogger. i hope wp to wp can..

  2. xicom says:

    I didn’t know about this website, thanks! The only one I really knew of that paid you for your articles (that has actually paid me) was AssociatedContent, but I’ll be sure to add Constant Content to that list!

    Thanks again, oh, and very nice looking blog 😉

  3. Kumo says:

    Thanks. Please drop by again.