Get paid to Review with ReviewStream

reviewstream.JPGReviewStream works pretty much just like Helium and AssociatedContent. You get paid by submitting your work. You’ll still be doing the same thing. The only difference is that how your work is being paid. At ReviewStream you’ll be paid per each review you submitted. The rate of the review is subject to change and at the time that I wrote this post, it is at a rate of $1.5 per review. It’s a low rate I’ll say. It will be wise to concentrate on the quantity that you can produce instead of the quality. So just keep it short and right to the point. ReviewStream allowed you to review everything anything, and that makes it easy to produce the quantity. Be sure that your reviews meet their criteria or it will be sent back or you’ll be paid at a bulk rate. Bulk rate means regular rate divided by 5. At this point, bulk rate will be $0.3. You don?t want to be paid by that rate. One important thing that I have to mention is the payment method and minimum amount to be paid. You’ll be paid through PayPal and the minimum amount to be paid is $50. So if you calculate the regular rate of $1.5 per review, you need to submit at least 34 reviews to hit $50. Lucky that the site has an additional payment program call “Every vote pays”. That means you’ll get paid for each vote you get from the public. The rate of the vote also subject to changes, at this point it is $0.10 per vote. The minimum payout for this program is $5.

One thing that I like about ReviewStream is that the payment program is separated into 2 parts. That is the submit part and the voting part. Meaning first you get paid for the quantity work you have done. Second, you get paid for the quality of your work. This is the part that makes it different from Helium and AssociatedContent.

P/S: ReviewStream is no longer available. AssociateContent is now part of Yahoo Contributor Network.



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