Get Paid or Loud with LoudLaunch

loudlaunchLoudLaunch is another get paid to blog site that I sign up recently. I seem to have sign up a few of those get paid to blog sites but only a couple of those sites really have something for me to post. Well, I really can not ask for more because my other blog just have a PR2. Any way, I’ll summarize the findings after a few more month of testing. Let’s get back to LoudLaunch. There are a few things that LoudLaunch is different from other get paid to blog site. The first thing is that payment done by using PayPal once per month. Bloggers are able to post twice a day on the same blog. That means if you have 2 approved blogs, then you have the chance to have 4 posts with 2 on each blog. That’s pretty much about LoudLaunch. Let’s see how good this site is compare to PayPerPost.



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