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If you are good in writing articles, then Wise Bread might be the right site for you. Wise Bread is constantly looking for writers who are creative, resourceful and internet- savvy. They are looking for writers that interested in topics like shopping tips, frugal living, financial advice, grownup know-how, career and money making ideas.

Applying to blog for Wise Bread might not be easy. You need to submit 3 sample posts of at least 400 words that show your ability to write in different styles. You also need to have 5 specific ideas including the outlines for future posts. That’s a guarantee of 5 articles form bloggers that gets approved. A reasonable condition as the site does not state the minimum post requirement for a certain time frame. At least they make sure that qualified bloggers have minimum 5 articles for them after going through the evaluation.

The money that you’ll earn from Wise Bread depends on several factors. It is not calculated per article for example $10 per article submitted. It depends on how often you write, article popularity, keywords ranking, site traffic and the time you have been writing for the site. The streams of revenues are Google Adsense, site-wide ads, Feedburner and reprint licenses. Interesting part is that you get to keep 100% of the advertising revenue generated by your posts. That means you will be keeping all the ads revenue from your personal home page and permalink page. An example of this is Google Adsense pays you directly. Wise Bread will split the earnings from Feedburner and the site-wide ads base on the traffic your articles generate.

As soon as I get to the earning part, I’m impressed with the method the site splits the earnings. If your writing is good then setting $10 per article might not be a good deal for you. Wise Bread enables you to maximize your earnings through your writing ability and passions towards the topic. Personally I like this method better. If I’m going for payment per article basis, then I’ll go for sites like PayPerPost. Wise Bread sure is a site to test and price you writing value and ability.



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14 Responses to “Get Paid Blogging for Wise Bread”

  1. LiveCrunch says:

    Not bad, ill check out. Even tho i don’t advertise much.

  2. Kumo says:

    Yes, this sounds good and fair to me too.

  3. rhyan says:

    yeah it looks fair enough but I will still go for PPP. It seems they’re quite so strict enough.

  4. webtoks says:

    Rhyan i agree! Then again, relaxing their registration requirements dilutes that unique appeal they are looking to build.
    One thing i did notice was that they charge a whopping $500 a month for a square button ad. Wow!!

  5. Kumo says:

    Wow, I hope my blog can worth that much in future. $100 per month for a square button ad is good enough for me.

  6. Hi! I just visited Wise Bread and found it interesting to join the parenting blog coz I have one. One thing I like also is that they are not using Paypal coz I am not friendly with credit cards. However, I am quite confused by webtoks comment…

    “One thing i did notice was that they charge a whopping $500 a month for a square button ad. Wow!!”

    Does this mean joing them is not free? Who’s charging who, and why? Sorry for my ignorance but I cannot find that item at Wise Bread.

    By the way, thanks for this info, Kumo. I just approved your Entrecard without any hesitation. I am very familiar with your cloud and blog. I see it everywhere, and on the top.

  7. Kumo says:

    The $500 is the money required to advertise at Wise Bread. Wise Bread charges advertisers $500 just to place a square button ads. From that we know Wise Bread is earning a lot from placing advertisement. That is not the fees required to join them.

    I also did not find any info regarding how we are paid for blogging at Wise Bread. Guess if you’re interested then you’ll have to drop them an email. Just go a head and send them an email requesting more information.

    Thanks for the approval Angel. Appreciate it.

  8. That was a fast and clear info. I will give it try and ask them all my concern. By the way, I also recommended your site at Entre. It is not a payback, it is a well deserved one.

  9. Kumo says:

    Thank you very much. Please let me know if you need any help.

  10. thanks for the info.

  11. anne smith says:

    I could say that it takes about 500 dollars to be able to make an advertisement at Wise Bread. Thus, Wise Bread earns a lot. The best thing is, they do not require start up fees to join them.

  12. Grace Wismer says:

    I hope my blog will worth it ,too.I still wanna thank you although the time I read this article is a little bit late.

  13. Kumo says:

    No doubt that Wise Bread is a successful website that earns a lot of money.

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