Get Invite into Pick im Money Making Opportunities as Freelancer

Pick im is another site which provides money making opportunities for freelancers. Pick im is kind of new as the site is only one year old. As much as I would like to learn more about the new freelancing site, there isn’t much information I can gather from the site. The site is very simple and straight forward. For those who are looking for service providers, you just need to select the type of freelancer required and the range of budget. The site will presents a list of suitable freelancers for you to choose. As for those freelancers who like to get listed within the site and place a profile for job opportunity, you can either filling up the “request an invite” page or get a recommendation invite from the freelancer who already in the site. If you’re seriously hoping to get listed in the site, it will be better to look for a freelancer who already in the site for invitation. You’ll stand a higher chance getting into the site.

The people who are behind Pick imseem to use a different style of approach to bring in the best freelancing service for buyers or customers. They go slow by picking freelancers carefully. But still I kind of feel strange and unsecure of how they manage the freelancing projects and dealing with the payments and customers. I suppose that’s because there aren’t any information on how the site works and how the deals are done. No doubt there are still a lot of improvements needed to gain confidence either from the freelancers or customers. But still the site seems to be doing great. Hopefully we get to read more about activities and progress of Pick im.

P/S: Don’t use the “request an invite” page. Search the freelancer list and find a person who is willing to send you an invitation to the site. That’s the only way to guarantee your entrance.



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