Get Funding from Lighter Capital for Your Online Business Idea

If you have a business idea or a money making proposal but lack funding, try Lighter Capital. Especially if you have trouble getting funds through banks, Lighter Capital might be your solution.

Below are the commitments the site made and I kind of like it:

  • I know you’re a person, and will treat you like one.
  • I will be direct and I will tell you the truth – good or bad.
  • When you ask me for money, I will give you an answer. Fast.
  • When I give you money, I won’t tell you how to spend it.
  • When I give you money, I won’t make you put your family’s home down as collateral.
  • When I give you money, I will not own half your company.

Lighter Capital is not just about funding new businesses. It is about providing help and support to create potential source of revenue. Other than the investment money that range between $100k to $500k which entrepreneurs can get, Lighter Capital has a team of experience business builders that can lend a helping hand. Once they decided to invest in your business idea, they will provide help any way they can to make sure success is achieve. At the end of the day, only successful businesses benefit all parties. This is why Lighter Capital will do more than just investment to make sure profits return. Generally Lighter Capital is looking at profit return in the range between 1% and 10% of topline revenue. The rate is consider high but if the business is a success, it’s is a reasonable price to pay.

You may check out previous investment Lighter Capital has done. If your business idea is about the same as those listed, talk to Lighter Capital. You might have a chance to win the funds to build your business.




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