Gather Money Making Opportunities

gather money making opportunitiesGather is another website that I found that enables users to make money by sharing photos, video, content, advice, experience, thoughts and views. Basically it’s just like a social network that you can discuss topics and subjects. You’ll make money just by sharing. There are lots of category that you can talk about and discuss, for example cooking, politics, sports, movies, music, writing and many more. If the content that you share becomes popular, you’ll make more money. There are lots of websites that apply similar tactics by sharing revenue to gain more members and Gather is one of them. Well, it doesn’t matter what kind of strategy the website using as long as users gain benefits over it.

Basically members at Gather make money by collecting Gather Points. Currently each point has a value about $0.02. Members earn points by sharing content that provides value to the community. That means unique original content will earn most of the points. Great experience in the form of posts, photos and videos that are popular among community or member s can maximize the earning. Gather Points can be used to exchange gift certificates for goods from participating points partners or cash out to PayPal Account. Every month or 30 days an email statement on Gather Points will send to each member to help keep track on the earning. Currently there is no expiration date for the points, but this policy might change. You need to be alert on this part. By the way, you can also donate your points for charity.

One thing that I don’t like about Gather is that members outside of US are unable to redeem Gather Points. The strange thing is that the website still allows everybody to earn points. They mention that currently they are finding ways to broaden the earning program to include all members, but there is no guarantee when. By the way you can’t transfer the points you earn. So there’s no way you can ask your friends in US to help cashing out.

P/S: If you’re not staying in US which means you have no way of redeem the points for money. There is no point signing up if you’re hoping to make money with it. Gather is just for US residents only.



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