FreelanceWriting Helping Freelance Writers to Succeed

I have to say FreelanceWriting looks confusing with some ads on the site. If you’re not careful, you might just click on the ads and takes you away from the site. If you check carefully within the site, you’ll find that FreelanceWriting does have some good information on freelance writing. Beside the newsletters and the articles, there are some categories that freelancers can benefits from. Couple of categories that I like is the news about writing contest and writing events. That’s something that other freelance website doesn’t have. Beside that the site also has a forum section that freelancers can have discussion on writing and freelance businesses. There is also a list of freelance website where freelancer can check out and see if there are suitable jobs available. You may find some familiar freelancer website that you visited daily like Elance. If you need some material or guideline regarding writing or freelance, the site also have sections like reading room for writers and writer’s guideline that you can check on.

There is a lot of valuable information in the site, just that you might need to spend some time to look for them.



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  1. Rocky Point says:

    Yes I agreed. Since Freelancer is the thing that you can surely love in your life, if you are in home and also because writer is always needed whether you are in Internet Marketing Industries or in Online Money Making this is very helpful for the companies or individuals and also it is the big opportunity for all freelance writers that looking for more extra income.