Freelancers Union for US Freelancers

freelance money making opportunitiesHonestly, I heard about union which protects the right of workers but never did I hear anything about Freelancers Union. This is good because as far as I know, freelancers have always work and fight their way independently. There should be a union which helps to fight and protect the interests and benefits of freelancers. Unfortunately Freelancers Union is only available and for freelancers within US only.

The first thing that comes to my mind when signing up into Freelancers Union is job opportunities. There is a job page which freelancers and browse through for suitable jobs but that’s not just all. As a member, freelancers get to create a profile and get listed in the Freelancers Yellow Pages. The exposure, network and traffic within the community will definitely increases chances of jobs and money making opportunities. Not to mention freelancers also have the opportunities to attend events organize by Freelancers Union, access discounts and contribute to the resources page. I think the big advantage of signing up for Freelancers union is able to enjoy the health insurance plan and retirement benefits offer by the union. Signing up into Freelancers Union is free but there will be fees for group insurance products enrollment. There will be some requirements in order to apply for the insurance but I think it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a full time freelancer. Just remember to go through all the terms and conditions.

Let’s just say Freelancers Union can make freelancers feels safe and secure to work. Plus there is a retirement plan which is similar with 401(k). The retirement plan provides another opportunity of saving for freelancers. When we considered all the benefits, insurance plan and retirement plan provided by Freelancers Union, it seems like freelancers no longer have to work independently any more.



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One Response to “Freelancers Union for US Freelancers”

  1. Ross says:

    It is pity that it is only for US freelancers. The prices of the projects is pretty high, but of course quality and knowledge required are higher too.