Lots of Projects for Freelancer at GetAFreelancer.com

getafreelancerGetAFreelancer has lots of projects everyday. When you check out their list you can find that new projects are listed everyday. Projects are separated into featured and non-featured. The thing about this is service providers don’t have to pay for the commission on featured projects. If you take on projects that are not featured then you need to pay 10% or $5 whichever is greater. That’s not too bad at all considered that you have the chance to avoid the payment by just taking the featured projects. As for the payment method, you are able to receive your money via PayPal, E-gold, wired transfer, Moneybookers and GetAFreelancer.com debit cards. This is really good for freelancers around the world as this makes it easy to withdraw money. I’m a bit surprised to know that this site offers a debit card services too. I don’t want to judge about the debit card, just that I had a bad experience about it. That’s with stormpay, if you still remember about it.

GetAFreelancer.com also has an affiliate programs for you to earn more money. The site also provides banners, java script and data feeds to help your promotion. Check it out.

P/S: GetAFreelancer.com is now redirect to Freelancer.com.



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