Freelancer Money Making Opportunities at Project4Hire

freelance money making opportunitiesProject4Hire is another freelance market where freelancers can find jobs and tasks to make money. Project4Hire is a money making opportunities website just like Elance. Freelancers are required to sign up for an account to bid on jobs and tasks. Registration is free. Once a free account is established, freelancers are free to bid on jobs and tasks. Everything is free until freelancers are rewarded with the jobs or tasks. Freelancers need to pay a commission fee which is 5% of the winning bid. The commission fee needs to be paid before the project starts. However, the commission fee can be paid by client too. That’s the agreement between the client and freelancer.

Just like some other freelancer website, Project4Hire strictly prohibit freelancers from contact directly with clients before projects are rewarded. Both freelancers and clients can only communicate through the Project Message Board on the website. Again this is mostly for the website own protection and benefits. Payments types are to be negotiated between client and freelancer once winning big is placed. Few of the common payment types are PayPal, credit card, check or wire transfer. Project4Hire also provides an escrow service called Safe Transfer. This service is optional and the fee of using it is $20. Basically Safe Transfer is a mediate between clients and freelancers to make sure money are transferred and deals are satisfactory done.

Another money making opportunities that you can try is the affiliate program. Project4Hire will pay you 25% of all fees paid by the members you referred. You will continue to make this 25% as long as the people you referred continue using Project4Hire. There are some banners which you can use to refer others. Be sure to include your referral link with your username at the end.

There seems like only around 10 new jobs available daily. There aren’t many jobs but there are lots of competitors from freelancers. As usual competitors are mostly from India. The jobs and task at Project4Hire are categorized into web development & promotion, software programming & support, engineering, graphic design, audio, video & multimedia, hardware support & repair, writing, services and others. Still I think freelancers stand a higher chance to get a job compare to freelance website like Elance. You just have to reduce your bid just a little bit more.



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