Freelancer Money Making Opportunities at BizReef

freelance money making opportunitiesBizReef actually is a simple online service marketplace that enables freelancers to look for jobs and customers to look for services. It’s a platform that connects freelancer and customer for businesses. Basically BizReef is another website that provides money making opportunities for freelancer.

Sign up is free at BizReef. Freelancer can start by creating BizReef profile and service profile pages. Those are the pages where customers check out before handing out the projects. Freelancer may promote themselves by presenting qualifications, experience, work examples, links to own blog and other personal details. Ratings and comments towards freelancer will accumulate little by little once several projects are done through BizReef. Although sign up and all the above setup are free but there are several area which BizReef charges money. If freelancer uses Escrow service to deal with customer, 8.9% of project budget will be charge as commission. Escrow is a service where customer deposits the payment as guarantee before the work starts. Payment is released once the work is complete and upon customer’s approval. If funds are transferred without using Escrow, 6.9% of project budget will be charge as commission. No commission will be charge if freelancer is paid directly. Another charges will be held when freelancer wish to establish a contact with customer. It’s a pay per lead principle with a small onetime fee. The contact fee varies as it depends on budget range and number of offers. Payments can be done via credit cards, PayPal and Google Checkout.

Another money making opportunities for customer and freelancer is the affiliate program. If you click on the affiliate program link at the bottom of the page, it will refer you to a strange unknown Japanese web page. I think there is an error for the affiliate program. You can still refer others by click on “Tell a Friend” on the top right of the page. You’ll have the chance to make $10 per person when they complete a project. Although it’s not the affiliate program that I have in mind, but still at least we can make some money referring others.

P/S: It seems like there aren’t many projects available but still you can make use of the website by creating BizReef and service profile page. It’s a good way to market your skill as a freelancer.



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  1. Madav says:


    Really informative article.I am looking for becoming a freelancer.I found one new hub with your post.

  2. Dave says:

    I have never try this website, I participate with other freelancer website and get some orders from time to time, but is difficult to compete with the rate of colleagues from Asian countries.