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ozlance.JPGOzlance is an Australia base freelancer site. Money transaction will be in AU$ instead of USD$. Well, to me it doesn’t matter where the site from or what currency it uses as long as it has projects for me and pays up. The site seems new and not much project posted. For every freelancing site or other money making sites, the first thing that I’ll check is the payment method. That’s the most important thing because I have to know how am I going to get the money after I complete the job. It will be a waste of time and effort if I can’t receive the money. Ozlance uses safe transfer system to handle the transaction. Clearly I have no idea what’s that about and I can’t find any detail information. That is enough to keep me away from this site. The site is new so there should be making more improvement to attract more freelancer and employer. The site should start from clarify the payment method. Especially how international freelancer received their payment. There are lots of international freelancer out there, having to attract them can make their business bloom. Another thing that I’m concern about is the certain percentage charges if freelancer successful winning the bid. The % charges should be listed so that freelancer can make the calculation if they can make a profit from the project.

From the freelancer point of view, it doesn’t seem safe or confidence to get jobs from this site. Lots of improvement on the site needed to look more professional. Starting from the payment method and charges section.



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