Freelance Money Making Opportunities Online at TaskArmy

The one thing which most freelancers worry about is not getting a stable income. Especially if you are a full time freelancer and depending on the money earned to pay for rental and other living expenses, it is not an easy job trying to maintain a stable income. In order to maintain a stable income or keep on making money, freelancers have to make sure that they continue to receive projects. Thus freelancers not just have to be good with their skills and services. They have to be good in marketing themselves. One way to do that is to list their services on every freelancing websites available online.

Check out TaskArmy if you are one of the freelancers trying to list your freelance service. Sign up is FREE. But 10%~20% of your earnings will go to the site. For each successful project that you received and complete, I suppose that’s a reasonable fee to pay. Payments are done via PayPal and there is no minimum payout. Please remind that the PayPal withdrawal fee is on you.

At TaskArmy, freelancers get to set their own price and custom the platform for their services. Just like most freelancing website, every contact and activities between clients are done though their email system. Freelancers will be notified if there is an order. Freelancers have 24 hours to decide if they wish to accept the order or not. The site seems trying to create a platform where customers are able to find freelancers that can fulfill their needs. Thus the site is manually approving all the service providers. So you need to be good at what you are doing in order to get your service listed in the site. And you can start by filling up your profile and service description carefully.

Another money making opportunities available is the affiliate program. You will get 10% commission for the services order by your referrals. Sign up is FREE and there is no minimum payout. You can withdraw the money anytime via PayPal.

P/S: Regardless of how good or popular a freelancing website is. If you cannot get any project from the site, then it is of no use to you.



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