Freelance Money Making Opportunities Online at SignIndustry

freelance writing money making opportunitiesSignIndustry is hiring. There are few positions available for those who are interested in working with SignIndustry. The site is looking for talented individuals and team players. Although their employees can work from the comfort of their living room, the company encourages their employees to share ideas and communicate online. Five positions are available for those who are interested in working with SignIndustry. The five positions are online editor, online ad sales manager, online ad sales representative, general content contributors, staff and freelance writers. The pay and rate of fees are not mention as it will be discuss after applicants get in touch with them.

According to the site, the company is dynamic. It is a privately-held online industry with specific E-commerce Company. The company offers great benefits, competitive pay, stock options and a great long-term vision and strategy. But still we have to look at the actual numbers and figures to determine if the company is as good as it says. In other words you have to look at what the company offers you for the job. If you are interested in the positions listed above, check out the website for details. Most of the job positions require candidates to have a degree or certain level of experience. Although the site did not mention, I assume the jobs are open only for US residents. You may try sending an email and asking if they accept any international candidates. I think you might have the opportunities to work as a freelance writer or general content contributor.



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