Freelance Money Making Opportunities Online at Scribie as Transcriber

money making opportunities transcriberBasically Scribe is a money making opportunities website which enables freelancers to sign up as transcriber. Sign up is FREE but freelancers have to undergo series of application process before getting approval for the job. Scribie has completed 139,756.90 minutes of audio to date and payout around $41,429.73 to transcribers. The transcription job is home based and able to work remotely. It is defiantly a great money making opportunities online for part timer, household wife and those who like to make some extra money.

In order to qualify as a transcriber, one of the process applicants need to go through is the test. The test requires applicants to choose a file from the list of available files and work on the transcript. Approval will base on quality, format and adherence to the guidelines on the transcript submitted. As applicants are allow for 10 attempts, it should be easy to pass the test. Once approval is granted, transcriber can start working on the files listed. Transcriber can work on and submit as many assignments but it has to be done one assignment at a time. Each assignment is given two hours to work on. Some of the basic requirements to become a transcriber are fast typing speed, good comprehension English and a computer with internet access. Transcriber also needs a PayPal account to accept payment. The earning rate is about $10 per audio hour for raw transcription and reviews. Transcriber will be earning $20 per audio hour if promoted to Reviewer. If you work for more than 3 hours in a month, a monthly bonus of $10 will be given. You can also earn a 2% commission if you refer new transcribers.

Another money making opportunities provided by Scribie is the affiliate program. You get 10% lifetime affiliate commission if you refer customers to Scribie. I have to say the affiliate program sounds much more attractive than being a transcriber.



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