Freelance Money Making Opportunities at CyberEdit

freelance writing money making opportunitiesThere are basically three money making opportunities at CyberEdit. The site is currently looking for freelancer application essay editor, freelance resume writers and admissions officers. If you’re interested in the freelance opportunities, you need to submit your resume and couple of writing examples as you apply online. Judging from the terms and condition listed, you need to be very good in what you’re doing in order to secure the freelance opportunities.

CyberEdit consist of three writing websites which are, and There are about two hundred plus of Harvard educated editors, certified resume writers and technical writers working to serve customers online. CyberEdit is an international company which serves clients in the US, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil and China. No doubt the freelance opportunities look attractive with lots of jobs available from all around the world and the pay is competitive. But first you have to get pass the review and evaluation stage. Honestly, I think you need to be very good in writing and with some freelance writing experience to qualify for the job. There isn’t much to talk about the freelance opportunities as all I can find is the job description. I can’t even find the payment method and earning estimation which both are the most important areas freelancers need to consider. As for the job description and requirement, just visit the website and read about it if you’re interested.

There is also another money making opportunity of affiliate program provided by which you can check out. As the affiliate signup process is handled by ShareASale, you need to have a ShareASale account to join the affiliate program. Also your application will be review before accepting into the affiliate program. It will be best to go through the terms and condition to see if you meet the basic requirement before signing up.



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  1. John says:

    Generally writing is the easiest way to make money online. However competition is very strong, I think the best is to make a website and SEO it to maximize the potential of getting customers.