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journalism jobsThe freelance Jobs posted at JournalismJobs are not like the other online freelance sites that I posted. The freelance jobs are mostly situated in the US and mostly are from famous publisher and sites. It’s not just freelance jobs available. You can even post your resume and get a decent full time job through this site. There are also internships and fellowships listed in this site. There is a lot of opportunities listed if you’re looking for a part time job in the state. JournalismJobs has been around for 10 years. According to the site, JournalismJobs is the largest and most visited resource for journalism jobs. It’s not a surprise that many big companies have been hiring freelancers using this site. You might just have already known this site as JournalismJobs has been mentioned in dozens of publications. There are also a lot of resources on journalism training, career articles and tools for journalists available. It’s a site not just for people who are looking for a freelance job but also a site that fills with helpful information. No wonder JournalismJobs is one of the popular sites in the net.



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2 Responses to “Freelance jobs at Journalism Jobs”

  1. Land Agent says:

    This job site sounds great, sounds like there are jobs for everyone thats looking, i’ll have to take a look 🙂

  2. Kumo says:

    It’s the best site that I ever encountered.