FREE Simple Easy Money Making Opportunities Online at Blogger for Beginners

Everybody is looking for FREE, easy, simple and fast ways to make money online. Honestly, I think such ways do not exist unless you are lucky enough to find a loophole. Usually FREE, easy and simple does not generate a lot of money. In most cases, only methods that cost money, hard to do and difficult to achieve draws lots of revenue. The reason is simple. When things are FREE, easy and simple, a lot of people will be doing it and thus we have competition. When there are lots of competitions, chances of making money reduces because the pie is share with many people. As for money making opportunities online, the pie is big and still growing bigger. So if you are just aiming for a small portion and trying to make some extra money, there are still rooms available.

As a beginner in making money online, it is always good to start off with blogging. The blogging activity enables a person to learn, research, communicate, build up traffic, compile information, brainstorming and setting up plans relating to money making opportunities online. Bloggers can even make some money while sharing their experience and activities done. The first step is to find a FREE blog hosting platform and get starting. There are so many FREE blog hosting platform available online and the best recommendation is Google own Blogger. Below are some of the reasons Google Blogger is chosen as the best FREE blogging platform.

Simple and easy to create blog in minutes

No programming knowledge in JAVA, HTML, CSS or XML is required to create a blog. Bloggers just have to click and drag widgets to build a blog. Bloggers can start writing content after creating the blog title and URL name.

Build in statistics supported by Google Analytics

Bloggers can keep track of their blog performance via build in statistic that is supported by Google Analytics. Bloggers are able to obtain information such as traffic source, search keywords, audience, pageviews in detail.

Monetize with Google Adsense

Bloggers are able to setup Google Adsense easily which allows blogger to makes money by placing advertisement in their blog. There are widgets, guides and tools available to get you starting with the first money making opportunities online.

Featuring optimize layout and template on Mobile and Smartphone devices

Bloggers are able to show mobile template on mobile and smartphone devices. That means viewers are able to navigate and browse through your blog easily using mobile and smartphone devices. This is a big advantage because mobile and smartphone usage are blooming around the world.

Blogger is own by Google

If you are able to write good quality blog post per day, Google will definitely bring traffic to your blog. Google has all the features, potential and ability to bring up a blog under Blogger. All you need to do is blog daily and trying to come out with good quality content.

Once you have successfully setup your first blog and have more time to write additional blog posts, consider creating second blog, third blog and forth. If you are able to write three blog posts per day, it should be easy to earn at least $100 monthly via Google Adsense. This is just one of the simplest money making opportunities online. While you are working on the blogs and creating good quality content, you will read and learn other money making opportunities online. You will then discover other money making opportunities online that you like and suits you best. Depending on your interest, skill and ability, you can slowly build and structure your money making online empire.



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