Make Money Giving Tips

daytipper.JPGHere is a site for you to earn money by giving tips. Daytipper will pay you $3 for every tip that you can think of. Of cause your tips need to be accepted by Daytipper first before you can get paid. So far 28,375 tips were submitted and only 5,095 tips accepted. That’s about 20% of the submitted tips are qualified and get paid. If you have good tips then it should be no problem getting paid.

Basically you can submit any tips you want, just that you need to list the tips under the right categories. Payments are done by PayPal or check.

P/S: Daytipper is no longer available.



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3 Responses to “Make Money Giving Tips”

  1. mcangeli says:

    I’ve made approximately 3 dollars off Day Tipper in about 5 months… 🙂

    They are really really selective about the tips they choose….

  2. Kumo says:

    That’s what I though too judging from the 20% entry. It’s an option but not a good way to earn.

  3. cozuni says:

    this is great.. I got to try it out. Thanks