Earn Money by Writing Reviews with SponsoredReviews

sponsored reviewsIf you like to write reviews then SponsoredReviews might be suitable for you. That is if your blog is qualified. The site works almost the same as . All the basic rules are the same. Here are the few things that are different. First is that you can either look for advertisers yourself or create a profile for your blog and let advertisers come to you. If your blog received a lot of traffic and your post is well written then advertisers will purchase reviews from you. If not then you have to search for advertisers and bid for the jobs. Yes, that’s another special part that is you are able to negotiate your rates with advertisers. Thus you can lower your price in order to get the job. If you are new, it will be best to get a lower rate so that you can least get a job and show your writing ability. After you have proven yourself, then it’s not too late to increase your rates.

Payments are made through PayPal bi-weekly basis. It’s seems that it’s not easy to get into the network of SponsoredReviews. Only quality high traffic blogs will be selected.



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