Earn Money Giving Advice Online

bitwineMany of you should be familiar with Skype, MSN and yahoo messenger. I assumed that you have try out these video chatting programs with your friends. All you need is a microphone and a webcam and you are set to go. If you have a microphone, webcam and a talent that somebody else could benefit from it, then you should check out BitWine. BitWine allowed you to sign up as an adviser and connect you to customers that needed help from your talented field. Take for example if you are good in repairing cars and you have years of experience in it, customers that needed help with cars might seek your advice. Both of you can be connected through Skype with webcams and you can start charging customers. Charges are according to price per minute. Detail explanation can be found under ‘How BitWine Works’.

Lately I have seen lots of similar business arises. I think this service works best for those that have difficulties getting out of the house. In stead of going to work, we can bring the work to you. In places where weather prevents you from going out, you can still give your advice and earn a living in the comfort of your house.



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