Sign up and Receive £10.00 Once Approved

TheAdnetworkTheAdNetwork was introduced to me from one of the community that I joined at MyBlogLog. TheAdNetwork offer £10.00 just for me to sign up as publisher and get approved. Well, that sounds good to me and I took the time and trouble to do it. Payment will be made through PayPal or Amazon Vouchers. A few days later I received an email stated that my blog was rejected because of inappropriate content. I wasn’t of much disappointment or surprise because I knew that my blog might not what they wanted. I realized this after I check out their acceptability terms. Turns out TheAdNetwork has a tight terms and condition to be selected as publisher. Well, just try it out. Maybe you?ll get lucky and earn the £10.00.



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2 Responses to “Sign up and Receive £10.00 Once Approved”

  1. cozuni says:

    sadly, my blog was rejected too… reasons?? same as yours.

  2. Kumo says:

    I see. At this point nobody around me that I know get through their terms.