Do we really need Google Consumer Surveys to Pursuit for Money Making Opportunities Online?

We do surveys because we want to know how customers think and respond. Customers’ feedback and opinion is very important for improvement and increase business opportunities. Companies or businesses who listen to their customers make money. If you are trying to do some online surveys, check out the blog post title “A fast, accurate, and affordable way to do online market research” from Google Small Business Blog. Google Consumer Surveys might just be right for you.

But do we really need Google Consumer Surveys? Please remind that there is a price for every respond of survey that you get. Yes, the survey is not free. You need to pay for Google Consumer Surveys. Just like the concept of Pay Per Click, the surveys are charge per respond. Although it is said that full analysis and insight data filtering will be carry out, it is still a cost which small business owners have to bear. As there are so many free online surveys available, we tend to try out free surveys before paying for Google Consumer Surveys. But one thing for sure, Google’s huge network is perfect to perform surveys.

As a publisher, you get to make money by running surveys on your site. If you are interested in maximizing revenue with Google Consumer Surveys, contact Google. You are required to fill up a form for this money making opportunity.



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