Design Money Making Opportunities Online at Redbubble

Redbubble is actually a community and marketplace that enable artists and designers to showcase and sell their creations. Designers and artists are able to create their own portfolio, display designs across a range of products and blog about the design progress. Just like other similar websites, artists and designers can place and sell their creation on T-shirt, Stickers, iPhone case, iPad case, postcard, calendar and many more. Although I’m not sure how good this money making opportunities website is, it is defiantly a great place to showcase your design work.

Sign up is FREE. The site will take care of production, packing, shipping and payments. Basically you just have to focus on your creation and design. Make use of the journal provided to blog about your design progress and your inspiration. Consider this as a way to brand yourself. Adding stories into your design makes it a unique piece of art work rather than just a product created just to make money. Every product has a base price. How much you are able to earn depends on the margin you set. In other words, you set your own markup price. Try to research and take a look at the market price before making any decision. Setting the price too high might push potential customers away.

Payments are done via Paypal, Check or bank transfer. Payments are process each month with minimum payout of $10 for PayPal and bank transfer. If you choose to pay via check, minimum payout is $100. The site also has an affiliate program that you can join to make extra money. You will have to sign up one of the affiliate network such as ShareASale, Impact Radius, Webgains or LinkShare in order to participate in the affiliate program.



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