Design Money Making Opportunities at CKIE

When we pursuit for money making opportunities online, design is one of the most important part which we need to focus in order to success. New design and creation can make a blog or website unique and stand out differently among competitors. Everybody can design and create, but not everybody have the money, time and resources to invest in their design. If you are interesting in design, check out CKIE. Your design and creation might be able to bloom and market around the world.

CKIE is basically a place which designers gather supports and resources to complete their project. And best of all, CKIE is global. This means anybody around the world have the chance to participate in CKIE. This is the place where designers try to gather enough funds to produce and make their design a reality. Designers have to sell their ideas and gather supports. Money will be transferred to the project designer once the project meets its funding goal before deadline. By the way, designers keep 100% ownership of all creation rights.

At CKIE, you will be rewarded as a supporter or backer too. Compensation or rewards vary from project to project but it is definitely worth it. I suppose the best part is watching the project which you believe has the potential become success. I’m sure those of you who loves to design will be interested in participating in this community or platform.



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