Creating an Easy Writing Money Making Opportunities Online

Making money online can be very easy if you are not trying to make a lot of money like $1000 per day. Especially if you are just starting to make money online, setting a goal to make at least $5 per day will be more realistic and achievable. And if you don’t have any special skills but only knows how to write, you can start by providing your writing service.

First of all, you don’t have to be a good writer or having English language as your first language to sell your writing service. But you need to state the writing quality and level so that customers can understand the end product which they are getting for their money. Provide a description of your writing service such as number of words, topic focus and the time required to complete the job. It will be best if you can provide a sample of your writing work such as an article.

Next is to market your writing service. Below are some of the websites which you can sign up and market your writing service:

There are lots of freelance websites available online but the above listed is enough to get you starting. Please check out the Money Making Opportunities List page if you wish to sign up other similar website to promote your writing service.

Now is a good time to start writing a blog which you can link it to your freelance writing work. Use the blog as a practice ground to improve your writing skills. The blog can also serve as a tool to promote and market your writing service. When a customer needs to look at your writing skill and get to know you better, the blog can be a good place to show it all. And the blog serves a great tool to build your reputation.

Start small by selling your writing service of $5 per article. You may even set a limit of accepting a business deal a day. That means writing only one article per day. That is about $150 per month of income if you are getting business every day. Provide good service and maintain job quality. Once you have developed a good reputation, customers will start knocking on your door and offer a better business deal.



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