CPM Money Making Opportunities Online at BrightRoll

Money making opportunities online at BrightRoll is about CPM or Cost Per Impression. It is about video advertising on website or mobile platforms. This money making opportunities online is for those who owns great video content website or mobile apps with compelling content. The requirement to become BrightRoll’s publisher is high. BrightRoll is ranked as the top online video advertising company in 2011 and the leading provider of digital video advertising services. Most of the top 50 advertising agencies use BrightRoll for marketing and promotion. You can imagine the high quality and performance required in order to attract and satisfied these advertisers. There are lots of requirements to fulfill in order to become a publisher at BrightRoll. If you own a video content site, it must have at least 5,000,000 video views per month. If you own a mobile application, it must have at least 500,000 page views per month. Fulfill the requirement above then only consider reading on the list of requirements. I have to say, if your site or mobile application has that amount of traffic, BrightRoll is not the only money making opportunities online available. But since BrightRoll has most of the top advertising agencies using their service, the earning potential is huge.



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