CloudCrowd Money Making Opportunities on Facebook

cloud crowd money making opportunitiesCloudCrowd is the first money making opportunities that I found that enables users to make money online on Facebook. Well, to be precise CloudCrowd basically just uses Facebook as a platform to promote and introduce their money making opportunities website. CloudCrowd looks just like a freelancing job website that works around Facebook.

CloudCrowd is a company situated in San Francisco. The company has been featured on NBC, USA Today and TechCrunch. It’s a fairly large company with about 15000 registered workers. CloudCrowd helps companies increase efficiency by breaking large projects into smaller tasks. These small tasks are then distributed to their proprietary virtual workforce. That’s how we get the work tasks and make money completing them. If you’ve been working as a freelancer for some time, I’m sure you’ll get used to the work tasks at CloudCrowd easily. Most of the work tasks are simple and easy. If you have additional skills like programming and understands several languages, you’ll have the upper advantage. Some of the example tasks include written text grading, editor, summarizer, translations, image editing, information research, documents editing and many more. Each task is price rated differently according to difficulty and time consumption. Payments are done via PayPal. Sign up are free and you need a Facebook account. I couldn’t find the minimum pay out required so I’m assuming CloudCrowd pay every penny the next business day. If you’re able to complete the work and approved before 5pm Pacific Time, you’ll get paid.

Besides doing the work tasks yourself to make money, you can refer your friends to join CloudCrowd to make extra money. You may refer others to join and become part of your Personal Crowd.  You get a certain percentage of commission on all the work they do. Further more you get to earn more money until 3 levels down. That means you get commission for the people you refer directly, the people refer by your first level referrer and the people refer by your second level referrer. The percentage of commission you’ll get on what they get paid are distributed as 10.1% on level 1, 3.2% on level 2 and 1.5% on level 3. If you’re not good in working on the work tasks, you can still make money by referring others.

I think CloudCrowd can become popular very fast within Facebook. I’m sure many people would love to make money on Facebook. I’m thinking similar situation like the simple Facebook game Farmville might occur. Well, let’s just wait and see. CloudCrowd really creates opportunities for Facebook users a new way to make money.

P/S: CloudCrowd is currently looking for some talented engineers, manger and intern to join their group. If you’re interested working full time with the company, please drop by CloudCrowd career for further information.



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