Buying and Selling Ads Space at Project Wonderful

project wonderfulGood things are always spread fast. Project Wonderful is one of the good things that people start to talk about. Notice that a lot of blogs are starting to use the services by Project Wonderful and that includes EntreCard. Project Wonderful enables you to advertise your website or sell ads on your website just like Google Adword and Adsense. There are several things that made Project Wonderful special. One of the special features is that you need to bid for the ads. That means if you get the highest bids then your ads will be displayed. The bids that you place are in CPD as ‘cost per day’. You are not charged for the clicks (cost per click) but for the time your ads is shown.

Few ads size that you can sell on your site through Project Wonderful are 125×125 square, 117×30 button, 234×60 half banner, 468×60 banner, 728×90 leaderboard and 160×600 skyscraper. It’s also another tool that can help you organize and keep track of your advertisement. You can set the minimum price and advertisers will bid among themselves and provide you a higher price. That means you can get higher revenue if lots of advertisers asking for you. This feature can also provide you a reference or guide on how much the ads on your blog really worth. If you are running out of space for Ads then try rotating them. You can even have multiple ads in a single advertising space.

Project Wonderful charges 25% for the Ads you sell. Given that they have a bid system that pushes your minimum charges higher, 25% is worth the price. The minimum payment is $10 and you can withdraw the money using PayPal. Plus, Project Wonderful will absorb all the transaction fees. That sounds just nice to me. Project Wonderful presented a new way of advertising method that you can play around. You can even get free advertising for your site by setting the bids to $0. How do you do this? Check out Turnip of Power for the post Almost Free Traffic from Project Wonderful and start advertising free.

P/S: The free advertising is the main thing that I’m looking forward to try.



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21 Responses to “Buying and Selling Ads Space at Project Wonderful”

  1. PostOnFire says:

    Yes, I noticed this at EntreCard, I thought that’s their own company but it obviously a new project.. the idea…I’ll try it on my blog…

  2. Kumo says:

    I found out about this weeks ago but just post about it lately. I never did thought about the free advertising method until I saw the post from Turnip of Power.

  3. Jeremy says:


    It seems that nowadays, Project Wonderful is a HOT thing in blogosphere. Well, i did view their site, but didn’t go deeper tour in it. Hmm..Maybe i should give it a shot..!!

  4. Kumo says:

    Hi Jeremy. I think Project Wonderful is the new toy lately.

  5. soundtrackgeek says:

    I’ve placed ads on Project Wonderful websites yesterday and I already got some hits from it. I’m thinking of putting it up on my website as well.

  6. Kumo says:

    You should do that. I put it up just by today and already getting bids. Project Wonderful should be the next best thing after Entrecard.

  7. webtoks says:

    Their business model is similar to Aductions. However I think Aductions offers more tools for a better advertising experience.

  8. Kumo says:

    Thanks for the info webtoks. I’ll check on Aductions next and have a post about it. Project Wonderful looks more like a social network to me as you get to promote your blog without paying anything.

  9. I’ve tried to bid on a bunch of $0 sites but have been either rejected or outbid. I’ve submitted to be an advertiser, maybe that end will work better for me.

  10. Kumo says:

    Just make the bids running by itself. There will always be new comers that set their site for just $0 bid. So you’ll always get 1~2 site for $0 bid.

  11. Stephan Miller says:

    I signed up a few days ago. It takes them a while to approve your site.

  12. Kumo says:

    Took them 1~2 days to approve my blog.

  13. shardul says:

    It has not yet aproved me ! 2 days are over !

    The Bloggers Magazine

  14. Jason Benway says:

    I put a Project Wonderful on my personal blog that gets less traffic than my main techie site and it made me .80 in a month. Better than a kick in the face 🙂
    I did notice that if you don’t aprove the ads quick enough people pull their bid.
    You can take a look at my ads locations on


  15. Kumo says:

    I wanted to set up as Auto approved for the Ads but worried about the content of the allowed sites. Auto approved can really speed things up. I think I’ll monitor the sites by manual approved for a while.

  16. Taylor Blue says:

    I have been with project wonderful for about a month. I couldn’t figure out how you could make money off of it. But then i just started approving everything to see what would happen. ANd now I make at least .40 a day…which is way better than some programs I use. SO I wonder if I should use the money for advertising or take the cash and run???

  17. Kumo says:

    I think better let it roll for a while. Use the money to advertising. I’m sure that will increase your minimum bids.

  18. Mad Mike says:

    Aductions allows u to show Google, Adbrite etc ads when there are no active bids. Better than just leaving it there doing nothing.

    He he he…

  19. Kumo says:

    Seems that I need to check out Aductions. That sounds interesting.

  20. I’m gonna check that out…

  21. Kumo says:

    You’ll sure like it.