Built Your Business or Idea with Cambrian House

cambrian houseIf you have a business or idea and you don’t have the money and resources to build it, than you should check out Cambrian House. It’s a site or community where people gather online to exchange knowledge, ideas and commercialize businesses. It’s actually a crowd sourcing community. Basically you sign up and submit your idea. Get feedback from the community and hope that people will vote for your idea. Each week the best idea will be rewarded. If you have a good idea and people likes it, then you have a chance to market test it. That means to test if your idea can really sell in the market. If nobody is interested in your idea then drop it to cut losses. If the response is good then invest further. When your idea received good response, the next step is to start built it. You can get lots of help from community members that are interested in your idea. Members can contribute ideas and their skills to construct your work.  Once your product or idea is almost ready to launch, the next thing is to find marketers, business development professionals and SEO in Cambrian House.

                That’s basically what you can do with Cambrian House. You’ll have the chance to work with your ideas. That’s not all you can do by signing up Cambrian House. You will also get paid when collaborate or get involved with other members idea. The site uses Cambro as their currency, 1 Cambro = $1 USD.

                Some examples of crowd sourcing are iStockPhoto, Threadless, Innocentive and Wikipedia. These sites take a lot of time to reach the point where we call success. It’s not just few month but few years of work. You just need to be patient and take it one step at a time.



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  1. Thanks for a great post on crowd sourcing! You’re right about sites like ours being a great place to make money on the Internet. The good news is that many Challenges posted to InnoCentive.com are actually solved and awarded in 3-6 months. Challenges with larger awards tend to take longer, both in terms of the work required and receiving the award, but most are generally closed in less than a year. In addition to the cash rewards, we’ve found that there are several motivating factors behind why people participate in challenges. Even without a guaranteed reward, they love the “Challenge” of it, creatively and technically. They love the competition. And often they also find reward in working on challenges that really matter and can make a difference in someone’s life.

    Take John Davis for example – he solved a Challenge recently that was posted by the Oil Spill Recovery Institute, and his solution will be implemented to help clean up oil in Alaska. You can check out his story on our YouTube Channel here:


    Connie French
    Marketing Manager

  2. Mark Wilson says:

    That is a really cool program. I wish I thought of it.

  3. Kumo says:

    Thanks for the info.