Book Selling Money Making Opportunities at Cash4Books

used books selling money making opportunitiesMoney Making Opportunities at Cash4Books is simple. Basically you just have to sell used books to Cash4Books. This is more like an offline money making opportunities because you need to find the books required and send to Cash4Books to collect payment. There are basically three ways you can make money at Cash4Books.

The first method is to dig out your used book and sell it to Cash4Books. You need to type in the ISBNs from your book to check if the book is required. An ISBN is actually the number found above the bar code of the book. Cash4Books does not purchase all used books submitted. Currently the site is interested mostly in books with publication date of 2008 or newer. You can check out the list of 500 example books they recently purchased as a reference. The ISBN you enter will determine if the site is interested in purchasing the used books. If Cash4Books decided to purchase the used books, just pack them up and send it to them. You will then be paid via PayPal. By the way, the site will pay for the shipping fees too. Currently Cash4Books only accept books from US. International editions are not accepted by the site. Usually International editions come with soft cover.

The second method is scouting books for Cash4Books. Basically you make money by buying and selling used books. Profits are made when you buy used books at a low price and sell it to Cash4Books at a higher price. Cash4Books has a long book scouting buy list that consists of 300~350 thousand titles. You can make a lot of money even if you are able to find the books listed. You can make use of the tools provided by the site for book scouting. One of the tools for example – Book Scout Scanner is free to download to iPhone and Android.

The third method is the affiliate referral program. Cash4Books pay $5 for each newly registered customer who sells at least one book. You just have to sign up and place the given affiliate links on your blog or website. Referral payments are done twice per month via PayPal or check.

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