BlogHer Money Making Opportunities for Women

BlogHer provides money making opportunities for women who blogs. Yes, only blogs written by women and with female audience will be accepted into BlogHer publishing network. There are about 25000 blogs with 2500 bloggers producing good quality content which attracts millions of readers every month. This can be a good alternative money making opportunities other than Google Adsense, provided if you’re a female blogger.

BlogHer was founded back in 2005 February by Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins. Since then they successfully created blogging money making opportunities for women. The site is currently participating in many fields like news, entertainment and information network for women online. No doubt it’s a great opportunity but getting into the network is not easy. There is a long waiting list and lots of people are still trying their best to be part of the family. You may try to apply but chances are slim. You need to go through their terms and condition, especially the editorial guidelines before submitting your application. Some of the rules include blog must be 90 days old, updated weekly, free of any advertorial or sponsored posts and many more.

There are lots of famous bloggers at BlogHer. If you’re able to get into the network, money is not the only thing you’ll make. The readers, bloggers and the network can help to bring in lots of alternative money making opportunities. When you’re getting popular or famous within the network, opportunities will start knocking on your door.

BlogHerseems like a good money making opportunities but difficult to get in. Although I can’t find the rate or examples of potential earning, but I’m sure the paid is good enough. Judging from the traffic obtain by the site, it’s easy to estimate the potential earning.



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