Blogging Money Making Opportunities at Families

Families is a website with blogs of network focus on families topic. It’s a money making opportunities for bloggers or freelance writers as they can apply for the position of paid professional writer at Families. You may try to apply for the position but first you have to check out the topics as most of them are related to family, such as parenting, marriage, family, home and garden. Send your application only if you’re interested in blogging about the above topics. Besides if you’re not the right person for the job, most probably you won’t be accepted as a professional writer.

There are currently about 30 blogs in Families network on topics related to family. As a professional writer at Families, you need to be passionate about the topics you write and produce interesting high quality articles. You may write for different topics but required experience to cover the particular subject area. The articles written must have a minimum of 300 words. One thing that I notice while going through the application requirement is that the writer must be raised and educated in US, Canada, Australia or UK. The reason behind this requirement is because of the cultural writing issued surrounding the target audience. In other words, only applicants form US, Canada, Australia or UK will be considered. Plus there is no absolute guarantee that you will be hired as professional writer. You still have to wait for an opening spot.

If you’re accepted as a blogger, you’ll be paid $3 per blog entry during the first 90 days training period. Once completed the training, you’ll get $4 per blog entry. You may receive up to $5.50 per blog entry after writing for some time. Plus you’ll get extra quarterly bonuses based on your performance. This seems like a good deal if you’re able to produce at least one post per day. You can make at least couple of hundred dollars per month if you work hard.

There is just couple of things which I’m a bit concern. First is the payment method which did not state clearly. Second is the content produced is owned by Families. Personally I would like to have the details of payment method and when I’ll receive the money before I start writing the articles. It feels safe and secure if payment details are explained clearly. If Families is the kind of website or blog for you, send them your application via email. By the way they prefer the application information in the body of email instead of attachment form.



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2 Responses to “Blogging Money Making Opportunities at Families”

  1. Jenny says:

    I will try it and I will share my experience, probably it is a good one, hopefully will be able to make some extra money from this.

  2. Amanda says:

    I will gonna give a try, it sounds like a good opportunity and I think I have a lot of free time.