Blogging and Money Making Opportunities at Journal Home

blogging money making opportunities onlineJournal Home is actually a FREE blog hosting platform just like Blogger, WordPress and Typepad. The money making opportunities online provided by Journal Home is an ad sharing system or revenue sharing system. Basically users need to have a Google Adsense account in order to make money at Journal Home. Users are required to include own Google Adsense publisher ID in order to display own ads.

Journal Home was founded back in 10th March 2005. Journal Home is more about providing a FREE platform for users to blog and write journals. The revenue sharing money making opportunities online is just a way to attract more users. Users are still able to make some money being active at Journal Home. Users can write almost any topic like business, health, dresses, marketing, make money online, diet, cars, real estate and many more. Journal Home has all the blogging features and tools that users can make full use of. There are more than 100 templates available which is FREE. Users can also create own template and customize their own blog.

Another interesting part about Journal Home is the page rank and Alexa traffic rank. Journal Home has a page rank 4 and Alexa traffic rank of 50,000. It is definitely a good place to farm some backlinks and traffic.

Judging by the appearance and front page design of Journal Home, I’m a bit doubt if we can actually make some money. The site just doesn’t look attractive and professional. But if you do some checking on the site, you will find that the site actually have a pretty good ranking and traffic. I would advise to make use of the site to build some backlinks and traffic back to your own blog or website. As for the money making opportunities online, go ahead and setup the Google Adsense ads. Just try not to have high hopes that you can make lots of money out from it.



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