Bloggertizer Connects Advertisers and Bloggers Together

bloggertizerBloggertizer provides free resources for bloggers and advertisers. Free is something that I like and I think most of you like it too. The second thing that comes in mind is “what’s the catch”. Well, as far as I know there is none. But I do know that if you post about Bloggertizer then you will be paid $5. The first step you need to do is register your blog in Bloggertizer. Then you’ll get the first deal of posting about Bloggertizer for $5. Read the terms and conditions carefully before writing your post. One thing that you need to take note is your blog must be a page rank 3 or higher.

If you don’t have a page rank 3 blog, that doesn’t mean you can’t register for Bloggertizer. You’ll still able to register but not qualified for the $5 post. After you have registered and add your blogs, interested advertisers will contact you if they wish to advertise on your blog. Your blog will be categorized and tag for easy browse or search. If an advertiser contacts you then it is up to you to deal and work out the arrangement. That means both you and the advertisers will discuss and determine the fee, post details, payment method, links, process and time frame of delivery. Bloggertizer will help in features like private messaging, save blogs, tags and rating.

Bloggertizer sure looks like a good place to promote your blogs. Just register and wait for the advertisers to contact you. If your blogs does receive a page rank 3, then you can apply for the $5 deal. This is one middle man that does not take a cut of your profits.



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8 Responses to “Bloggertizer Connects Advertisers and Bloggers Together”

  1. Matt Hanson says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Matt Hanson

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks. Hope you find some useful stuff here.

  3. EarnBlogger says:

    Nice find. Some more companies are coming to compete with PPP and ReviewMe. Well, quality of service and money is the most important factor for bloggers! Thanks for the info.

  4. Kumo says:

    Competition is good. Bloggers will be the one that gain benefits.

  5. Walk Through Money Online Journal says:

    Cool Informations.. I got your site from my entrecard… I’ll be back here and try to register with Bloggertizer.. Promise..

  6. penny stocks says:

    thank you very much
    this was very helpful:)

  7. Online stores says:

    have u get paid from bloggertizer?

  8. Kumo says:

    Bloggertizer is just the middle man between advertisers and bloggers. The $5 deal is between bloggers and Bloggertizer. I could not get the deal because my blog is not page rank 3.