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peopleperhourI received an email introducing a freelancing marketplace call As this blog is always in search of money making opportunities for freelancers around the world, I suppose an introduction review of might be good. My first impression for this freelancing market place is that it’s British base. The money deal is in £ pound sterling and there is a video clip that featured PeoplePerHour on BBC News. That’s fine with me as long as freelancers able to get some projects and earn money with it. There are about 27579 freelancers, 5911 employers and 8984 projects posted. There are also some press news about PeoplePerHour on TechCrunch, The Sunday Time, FT Financial Times and other sites. This much of information really encourage freelancers to sign up and shows their skills. One thing I like about the site is that they have a top rated freelancer page that shows scores and rating of each freelancer.

Payment can be done via PayPal, UK Bank Transfer and international transfer. There are 3 types of accounts that freelancer can sign up – standard, gold and platinum. Standard account is free but the commission percentage is 10% and minimum commission fee is £15. Gold and platinum account requires monthly fees of £7.95/month and £14.95/month but the commission percentage is 5.5% and 4.5%. The minimum commission fee will be £10 for both gold and platinum account. As a start, it will be better for freelancers to get a standard free account. Once you get your name rated and start getting more projects, then only consider upgrading your account.

You can also sign up their affiliate programs to earn extra money. You’ll received 50p if someone posts looking for a job, £1 if someone posts a project and £8 if a project is assigned to a freelancer. There is couple of problems regarding the affiliate program that I found for those not staying in UK. Payment method does not include PayPal. You can only received payment via check or international wire. The 2nd problem is that the affiliate application requires a £5 fee. Actually, it’s more like a deposit as the £5 will be credit back to your account once approved.

Overall, PeoplePerHour works best for freelancers that stay in UK. Lots of top rated freelancers are all from UK. You still can find some other freelancers from other country but only a few of them. Plus if you include the fees of the payment method, it’s a lot cheaper and easier if you stay in UK. One thing for sure, the affiliate program definitely needs to include the PayPal method. Also it will be best to remove the £5 affiliate window fee.



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