Authentic Jobs is not just about Freelance work but jobs opportunities

authentic jobsOne thing I like about Authentic Jobs is simplicity. Jobs posted are easy to view with the information provided is straight forward. Although my main concern is about the freelance jobs posted in the site, but it makes no harm checking out for other opportunities too. Yes, it’s not just freelance jobs. There are also jobs for full time, contract and internship. And it seems that most of the jobs offers are full time. As it is a simple website, you can browse through the site in just couple of minutes. Either you find the job that you like or you move on.

Authentic Jobs started back in September 2005 with mere $2000 investment. Since then it has been helping lots of employers looking for the right candidate for 8 years. Unfortunately most of the jobs offers are based on US. Although it seems that the site is cater more for employers to find the right candidate for the job, job seekers still can make use of the site to find the jobs they like. You may also find some interesting jobs from companies like Apple, Facebook, ESPN, HBO and many more.

Sometimes when you are looking for freelance jobs, you might accidentally stumble on some interesting full time job that you like. Usually these opportunities happens when you least expected. Thus it is worth the time to browse through any freelance jobs site that you found online. Don’t just stay on 1 or 2 popular freelance jobs sites that the whole world is monitoring. Although there might be a lot of interesting jobs but there is also lots of competitors from around the world.

P/S: As a freelancer, the only thing that matters is you are able to find the job, complete it and receive the payment.



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