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money making opportunities as writerMoney Making Opportunities at Qualitygal is simple. All you have to do is write high quality content or articles. Before you’re allowed to write for Qualitygal, you have to become a writer at Qualitygal. I have been monitoring Qualitygal for some time and did not write about the website until now because there was no open spot for writers. Lately the website starts accepting applications again for new writer. So if you’re interested in being a writer at Qualitygal, send your application now.

The first step into money making opportunities at Qualitygal is becoming a writer. Honestly I think this is not as easy as we think because there are lots of competitions. Good news is that the writer position is open to everyone around the world. The difficult and annoying part is completing and submitting all required paperwork. That includes a signed copy of the content release form, writer application, a signed copy of the style guide, a signed copy of SEO writing for dummies, a signed copy of the non-complete clause/confidentiality agreement and W-9 form. You’re also required to register on the writer panel and take a test assignment. There is a page about new writer check list which you can refer so that you won’t miss out anything. There are only a limited number of writer positions available so you have to act fast if you’re interested.

Qualitygalpays $12 for an article. Depending on the quality and other factors, an article can get a maximum of up to $25 US dollar. Payments are done via PayPal or Check every Friday. In order to get paid writers have to submit an invoice to claim payments for articles graded. Writers have to follow instructions and produce high quality content to get good grades. Articles with low grades might forfeit all the payment for the articles. So make sure that you’ve read and follow the instruction as told. Most important of all is to produce your own original articles without copying from others.

P/S: Seems like it’s not easy to become a writer at Qualitygal. You also need to be good in producing articles too. I just hope that the money is worth all the trouble.



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  1. Eric says:

    I participate in few similar services and the money are not really bad. It is an easy job and not much time consuming.