AppApeal is looking for Freelance Writers


AppApeal is looking for freelance writers to write application reviews. AppApeal has gathered a collection of web base applications that are available online. The applications are being categories into blogging, photo, email, feed reader, game, travel, video, music, bookmarking and many more. With so many web base applications out there, finding the best and right one to use might be difficult. The most common method will be tried out all of them and judge it yourself. Obviously that is not a good way of doing it. It seems that AppApeal understand this and included extensive reviews on the web base application to help users pick the right one. The site is now looking for freelance that are able to write the reviews. Reviews accepted will be paid $15 through PayPal. Extra $10 will be added if the reviews are better than average. That sounds like a good deal to me. Long term cooperation with the site is possible if you do a job.

                One thing that I like to point out is that many bloggers wrote about the web base application in their blog. If I’m trying to find out how certain web base application works, all I need is do a search about it on Google. I’m still able to get lots of reviews other than from AppApeal. The question is who should I trust? Even so, AppApeal is making it convenient for users to compare and choose. At least one thing for sure, you get to know how many applications available to choose. Seriously, I got friends that know Hotmail as the one and only web base email application.



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