Another Money Making Opportunities at MicroTurks?

money making opportunitiesMicroTurks is another money making opportunities that I found that looks exactly like Microworkers. You may check out my previous post Make money online opportunities at Microworkers. I have to say that I’m surprise to see that both website looks exactly the same. Despite the colors and title, the pages, campaigns, affiliates, rules and regulation are exactly the same. That’s when I start to think if both website are legit or not. Perhaps both websites might be scam. Well, let’s just take a good look and I’ll let you decide on that.

First of all there aren’t as many tasks available at MicroTurks compare to Microworkers. The tasks are mostly sign up requests and comment requests. Minimum payout is $9 and can be done via PayPal, Moneybookers, Alertpay and cheque. There is a withdraw fees of 5%. MicroTurks also requires user to provide their full name and current mailing address so that they can send out snail mail with PIN number. This is the first part that I feel suspicious. It takes a lot of work and money to send out those snail mails, not to mention some of them are international mails. I don’t think the site can make enough money to cover that cost. Besides if they are worry about people violating the rules and regulations, just terminate their account. No need to go through so much trouble for the confirmation. By the way home address can be easily confirmed when processing payment via check or using PayPal, Moneybookers and Alertpay.

Second is that payment are process 30 days after placing a request to withdraw money. If you include the $9 minimum payment that you need to achieve and the PIN number arrival time, it’s at least 3 months or more before you can get the money. And it’s just $9. Does it worth the time and effort to confirm if you’re getting $9?

Finally is the similarity between MicroTurks and Microworkers. I suppose one will not let others duplicate the same website easily. Well, that’s all I can say about both websites. I did not work on both MicroTurks and Microworkers, so I cannot tell if I receive the PIN number or not. All I can say is that the money making opportunities from both websites are not convincing enough for me to try out.

P/S: I wanted to introduce all the money making opportunities that I found online to my readers. Surely I can’t test out all the websites but I try my best to make sure that it’s legit.



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  2. Robert says:

    I checked previous and this website and I think the payments are too low. I mean to make those 9 dollars need to spend about a week working. It is much better to create a blog and do some SEO, it is long term money making opportunity and after a while can bring stable income.