Airpush is an Alternative Money Making Opportunities Online other than Google Mobile Ads

mobile money making opportunitiesAirpush is hot on Google advertising campaign lately. The ad has been flashing around for some time as I surf and check out my usual daily blogs and websites. It seems that Airpush is a mobile ad network based around the new push notification ad. I guess this makes Airpush an alternative money making opportunities online other than Google Mobile Ads. But still I consider this as a second choice because Airpush only works on Android, for now.

Airpush was founded in Los Angeles by mobile advertising veterans. It is the first mobile ad network that based on push notification. The so call push notification works a bit different compare to traditional in app ads. Users receive ads in the notification tray of Android devices and able to view the ads whenever convenient. The ads destination URL is loaded in a browser window when users click on the ads. Android developers can make more money with Airpush because the ads don’t compete with in-app ads. The ads don’t clutter apps and delivered to all users who installed the app. You can try out the push notification ads by downloading the Airpush Demo app from the Android Market.

Sign up is FREE. Airpush developers earn an estimation of $6~$10 CPM with fill rates over 90%. No doubt it is an attractive figure with high CTR. But still you have to try it out yourself to see if you can really make money out of Airpush. Payments are done monthly once reaches minimum payout of $30. Developers can withdraw money by check, wire transfer or ACH’s.

As Airpush is still new to mobile advertising, we should be expecting lots of changes and improvement. But still this is definitely a money making opportunities online worth trying out, especially if you intended to make money via mobile apps.



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One Response to “Airpush is an Alternative Money Making Opportunities Online other than Google Mobile Ads”

  1. Giovanni Christo says:

    I am an Android developer from Italy and have tried Airpush service, it is fantastic. With Admob and Inmobi I was getting around $.30 CPM and with Airpush I’m getting $30 CPM, which equals 100x performance boost. The company says my CPM will come down to the $10 range but that would still be 30x better than my Admob.