Affiliate Money Making Opportunities Online at ShareASale

affiliate program websiteSelling products online as an affiliate is one of the popular money making opportunities online. The concept is simple. As an affiliate, you pick and promote a product or service online. You will gain a certain percentage of commission each time when a product or service is sold successfully. The amount of money you are able to make basically depends on the amount of products or services you are able to sell. Some of the popular websites that we can sign up as an affiliate are ClickBank, Commission Junction and LinkShare.

Another similar website that is providing similar service is ShareASale. Although the site has only been operating for 13 years, it has accumulated more than 3000 merchants. If you are into affiliate marketing or money making opportunities online, you should take a look at ShareASale. As there are over 3000 merchants, you just have to find one product or service that you can promote successfully and you’ll start making money. Usually people tend to stumble upon the right and suitable product or service that can best introduce to their blog readers. As they approach the owner of the product or service, it turns out that they need to sign up ShareASale and become an affiliate in order to sell the product or service. As sign up is free, most people don’t have a problem getting an account. This is much more effective than browsing through 3000 merchants trying to find the right suitable products or services to promote.

There are several programs available at ShareASale. Most of the affiliate programs pay a certain percentage of commission when products or services are sold. Affiliates just have to make use of the custom links and banners provided to generate sales. There are also some affiliate programs that run on PayPerCall. That means affiliates will get pay for calls made by customers. Either way, affiliates have to study the programs carefully before promoting them.

Payments are made via check or direct deposit. Minimum payout is $50 and is process each month. The site also has a referral program that allows affiliates to make extra money. That means you get to make an extra $1 for every successful signup affiliate and 5% commission of their future earnings.

Although there are more than 3000 merchants at ShareASale, you need to be cautious when selecting products and services to promote. There are some products or services that are consider being junky or low quality. I suppose this is because it is much easier and cost lesser to sign up as a merchant at ShareASale.



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