Teaching Courses Money Making Opportunities Online at Udemy

udemyIt is not a new idea to make money online by giving lectures, guides and courses. It is a basic concept whereby there is a demand of certain information and there is a supply of the required information. One of the examples is the eBooks sold at Clickbank. Information and knowledge is written and created under PDF file and sold to public online. There are also some other websites that enable teachers, lectures and professionals to offer teaching online live by charging a price hourly. Although it is true that most of the information or knowledge can be obtain online if you know where and how to find, it will take time, effort and skills to actually find what you are looking for. Even if you are able to obtain the information and knowledge for free, you might not be able to understand it completely. That is why people are willing to pay for important info and knowledge because it makes life easy. Especially when you have questions about it, at least there is a person that you can refer to.

At Udemy you are able to create courses and make money by teaching. It is one of the most simple and basic money making opportunities online. Basically you just need to plan and create the courses. It needs to be well structure as you need to guide students all the way long. If you are wondering how the courses like, sign up and take a look at some of the free courses. It should give you an idea on how to construct your own courses.

If you are able to create and structure your own courses well, why should you sell it at Udemy? You can make use of affiliate website such as Clickbank and sell your courses there. The question is what makes it different by selling your courses at Udemy. One of the problems which many sellers are facing is the lack of marketing skills. You won’t be able to make any money if you don’t know how to market your product. Even if you are able to produce a top quality product, it won’t generate sales if nobody knows about it. There are 3 ways Udemy can sell and market your courses. The first method is to make use of Udemy’s Affiliate Network. This is the same as selling your courses at other affiliate website. The standard amount paid to affiliate is 50% of the course price. The second method is allowing Udemy to run deals and price tests that drives sales. That means Udemy will study and find the optimal price for the course in order to maximize sales. The prices of the course can reach as much as 75% off retail price in limited time deals & price tests. The third method is to enable Udemy run paid advertising on your course. Although you don’t have to pay for the advertising fees, 50% of the sales from the results will go to Udemy.

If your product is not generating any sales in affiliate website, try converting it and uploading to Udemy. Perhaps the extra marketing methods provided by Udemy can help make some money.

P/S: you can also create some simple free courses at Udemy as a way to promote your blog and reputation. This is one good method to generate traffic too.



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