3 big Reasons that you should sign up Adgitize

  1. Money Making Opportunities. You get to make money at Adgitize, not much but it’s a good deal concerning the results that you’ll get. At Adgitize you earn money by earning points, the more points you earn the more money you earn. In order to score points, basically you need to click on ads within Adgitize. About 100 ads need to be clicked each day. Write a post on your blog each day. You need to add your blog and rss feed into Adgitize network. Advertise your blog with Adgitize. Advertisement cost $7 for 7 days, $10 for 14 days and $14 for a month. The best is to go for $14 per month. You’ll get it back if you work hard on earning the points. And never forget to keep on building up traffic to your blog. You will also earn money as an affiliate when you introduce a member to Adgitize. You will receive a onetime finder fee of $5 when the member you refer places an ad on the Adgitize network. You will also get $1 for every month if they continue to advertise on the Adgitize network. Payments are done by using PayPal and the minimum payout is $10.
  2. Traffic. When you advertise with Adgitize, you’ll get traffic. The quality of the traffic might not be as good as what you get from Google but at least it helps to expose your blog. This is good if your blog is still new. Traffic you gain from Adgitize will certainly reflect in your Alexa ranking. From a certain point of view, it is translate as the amount of visitors that drops by your blog each day regardless of whatever the reasons.
  3. Encourage to write a post a day. In order to earn back the minimum amount of money that you use to advertise at Adgitize, writing a post each day is a must. This gives you a reason not to skip a post each day. Besides, it is also for our own benefits to write at least a post a day. Sometimes we just need a little bit of push to achieve that.

The concept applied at Adgitize can be considered a win win situation for both parties. From a blogger point of view, we get traffic, some money and a push to write a post a day. From Adgitize point of view they get to earn money as their network keeps on growing. Anyway, bloggers have nothing to lose but to work hard on posting each day.

P/S: Unfortunately Adgitize is no longer available.



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3 Responses to “3 big Reasons that you should sign up Adgitize”

  1. Apple pie says:

    So it’s basically a banner swap but with redeemable credits. I’d be interested in what kind of “exchange ratio” you get. (Since it’s a flat fee for ads on the whole network).

  2. Kumo says:

    Can’t call it a swap because you can choose either as advertiser or publisher only. You may also choose to have both together.

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