20 Best Affiliate Programs Selected by ToastEggMe Money Making Opportunities

There seems to have lots of affiliate programs available nowadays. Some of us that have being selling and buying EBooks around should be familiar with these money making opportunities. Lately I did some online checking regarding affiliate programs and ironically some of the first ranking page belongs to directories of affiliate programs instead of the actually affiliate program website. I think some of you that like to try out the affiliate programs are unable to find the suitable right affiliate programs to start out with. Below is the list of affiliate programs that I have been involved and tested out for some time. There are total of 20 affiliate programs and the most trusted site is listed from top to bottom. Feel free to check it out. Just remember one thing. Affiliate programs that work for me might not be suitable for you. Please try it out cautiously and remember to check out the terms and conditions.

  1. ClickBank
  2. Commission Junction
  3. LinkShare
  4. PayDotCom
  5. ClickBooth
  6. Amazon Associates
  7. Google Affiliate Network
  8. Yahoo Affiliate Programs
  9. MoreNiche
  10. RevenueWire
  11. FlexOffers
  12. Empyre Media
  13. IdealRevenue
  14. ClixGalore
  15. LeaderMarkets
  16. Plimus
  17. Sierra Trading Post Affiliates
  18. ClickXChange
  19. RevenueGateway
  20. ProfessionalCash

Here’s a little bit of my experience with affiliate programs that I like to share. The best result that I get from selling and promoting affiliates products is using Google Adwords. No doubt the results are good as I manage to sell the affiliate products a lot but in the other hand the money that I pay for using Google Adwords also quite a large number too. After running the Google Adwords campaign for couple of months I discovered my net earnings is not much. Consider the fact that I need to monitor the price of the keywords that keeps on increasing and fluctuating, it’s really not a good deal. The feeling is just the same as monitoring stock market trying to prevent losing money over night. At the end of the day I just manage to make enough money to cover all my expenses and some money for me to buy few cups of coffee. In my opinion I think the risk is high if you’re using Google Adwords to promote the affiliate products. You also need a large amount of cash flow to run the campaign before you’re able to get the money in return. The only thing that I gain the most is learning to use Google Adwords and successfully created campaigns that sell affiliate products. The lesson earned is priceless. I hope my experience can be useful for those who like to try out affiliate programs.



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