20 Affiliate Programs for Selling WordPress Theme

While searching for a free WordPress theme for this blog, it seems like many people are trying to make money online with topic related to WordPress theme. One of the most direct and simple way is to design WordPress theme. If you are good in programming and graphic design, you can provide service by designing WordPress theme at Elance. But if you are solely depending on designing WordPress themes, the amount of money earn is limited. You will only make money when you are hired. Nowadays it is very difficult to get customers because of the fierce competition. Make a search online on WordPress theme design and you will find lots of designers offering similar service with a very low price. If you are new and are just starting to build your reputation on designing WordPress theme, you won’t be getting much business.

If you are planning to go on with making money online designing WordPress theme, try creating multiple source of income related with WordPress theme. One of the options is signing up with multiple affiliate programs which sell WordPress theme. Below is a list of affiliate programs you can check out:

  1. Obox Design
  2. Store Front Themes
  3. The The Fly
  4. Rockable Themes
  5. Cyber Chimps
  6. Omni Theme
  7. Bizz Themes
  8. DIY Themes
  9. Premium Press
  10. Solostream
  11. WP remix
  12. Elegant Themes
  13. Studio Press
  14. Gorilla Themes
  15. Color Labs Project
  16. Gab fire Themes
  17. Affiliate Theme
  18. Woo Themes
  19. Affiliates iThemes
  20. Revolution Themes

The above affiliate programs sell readymade WordPress themes in bulk. Customers just have to download and use them directly. This should go along pretty well with your service for customers who needed unique customize WordPress Theme.



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