123RF Money Making Opportunities by Selling Photos and Images Online

123RF Stock Photography is a one stop royalty free photo library offering lots of stock photos at affordable price. There are about 9 million royalty free stock photos available and the number of photos continue to increase as I blog about it. Lots of people and companies visited 123RF to look for suitable images and photos for their personal and business usage. If you like to take pictures and have tons of nice digital images store in your hard drive, it will be a good idea to upload to 123RF. You might be able to make some money out from it as selling photos and images online definitely is good money making opportunities online.

There are basically three money making opportunities at 123RF. You can sell your own photos or images, refer customers and refer photographers. Selling own photos or images is the most basic ways to make money at 123RF. For every photos sold, you’ll get 50% commission of the net process. The earning potential will be greater if you upload a large number of photos or images. I would suggest uploading at least a thousand good quality images or photos for a start. When you refer customers or friends and they place an order for any images or photos, you’ll get 15% commission of the purchase price. The 15% referral commission will continue for one year. If you refer photographers and they uploaded their images or photos, you’ll get 10% commission of the price of each downloads. This 10% referral commission lasted for 6 months.

The referral program of 10%~ 15% commissions is not permanent but still makes good money making opportunities if you’re able to refer one or two person each month. I suppose the best way is to make use of your blog or website by placing banners or links. You may also try to place the referral links at forum and email signatures.

P/S: I still think the best way to make money is upload as much good quality photos or images you possibly can. Create a blog and talks about your photography activities and place some referral links.




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